Always Be Evolving - Evolution as Expansion

Evolution comes in many forms, such as spiritual and intellectual, but my personal favorite is the transformation of self. One of the little things I appreciate most in life is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly as metaphorically it is very parallel to my past, present and future. To learn more about my transformation into a butterfly, follow the link below.

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Every Intern Should Know

A professional internship can create a lot of bright opportunities for your future. But successfully adapting to the structure and needs of an organization can be extremely tough, regardless of whether or not you knew about the organization before or if it’s your first time being there. Check out the rest of my spotlight to learn my thoughts on the key to an interns’ success.

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G'kar JacksonComment
At the Crossroads of Social Work & Public Health

My mother swears that my first words were “not fair!” While at the time I was most likely reacting to being the youngest child and only girl in the family, those words predicted the life-long passion I would have for social justice. As I got older, I chose a career in social work so I could address the larger societal issues I saw as being unfair. Looking back on the last few years of my career, however, I can see now just how important it was that I started by working in the community. To find out why it was so important, check out my blog.

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Tracey SpinatoComment
Why We Need to Go Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Strategies to Prevent HIV

As a young person, I often volunteered to do HIV prevention outreach and the messaging was pretty simple and consistent--if you don’t want to get HIV, use a condom every time you have sex. It wasn’t until I got into the field of HIV prevention professionally four years ago that I began to have in depth conversations with people about their own risks during one-on-one HIV counseling and testing sessions. To find out why there needs to be a range of options for HIV prevention, read the rest of my blog here.

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Nothing About Us Without Us

Nothing about us without us! That rallying cry has been a simple, central demand for numerous social justice movements, notably HIV advocates eager to have representation from their own community in policymaking. Its demand is simple; do not make decisions that impact us without including us in that decision-making process. Do not pass policies that impact our lives without including us in the process. Nowhere does this cry feel more crucial than when it comes to policies and decisions that impact the lives of young people.­­ To find out why that rallying cry is so important to me, and to see how youth and adults can get involved in advocacy, read the rest of my blog.

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Steffani BangelComment
Truth Speaking

When I entered the classroom as an English instructor, truth speaking was at the core of my educational philosophy. While some educators relied on invoking fear for classroom management, which ultimately erodes trust and undermines respect, I was fearless in my commitment to sharing truths. Wanna know what I mean by “truth speaking?” You gotta read my blog to find out!

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The Goat Years

I affectionately call my first few years as a freelance filmmaker The Goat Years, and no, not Greatest Of All Time G.O.A.T., I mean the weird eyed, bounding animal that also tastes delicious when curried. Why Goat Years, you ask? You gotta check out the rest of my blog to find out!

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