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Since our beginning, IWES has included a variety of traditional and new media tactics to share our work and inform the public about important health concepts, theories and messages. Utilizing mediums such as film, photography, graphic design and social media, IWES creates award-winning projects and campaigns to share our comprehensive vision of health and contribute new voices to the fields of media and communications.





Since the early 2000s, our media department has created over 50 short films and PSAs, which are available here and on our YouTube channel.

In 2013, IWES began creating feature length films, beginning with our documentary Back Story, followed by the narrative film Woke.


To watch IWES' short media, follow this link.


Back Story is a documentary that examines what it feels like to be a Black male living in America. Five young Black men from different backgrounds and areas of New Orleans, LA filmed their lives for six months and shared their views on everything from education to criminal justice. Mixed in with archival footage, interviews at recent civil rights events and with civil rights leaders Marc Morial and Al Sharpton, this documentary provides a glimpse into the variety of expression of Black maleness in the United States.

To watch Back Story, follow this link.



Woke is a feature film created through funding from the federal Office of Adolescent Health (OAH). The film explores what it means to be in a healthy relationship and revolves around two college students that are in love yet at a crossroads and facing differing ideas about their future. The series also deals with the topic of mental wellness and the impact of trauma on the growth and well-being of a young person. Sparked by current events in New Orleans and abroad, Woke also strives to reflect current socio-political issues in the popular discourse for young people, specifically the topics of race, gender and power as it affects African American youth.





IWES has a variety of social media channels to share information, resources and original content every day to a range of different audiences. Make sure to follow us using the links provided to keep up with our staff and get regular updates about our programming and our work.

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Our Communications Team creates targeted content and messaging such as reports, campaigns, memes, articles and blog entries. Check out our Publications page for our most recent products, such as our Annual Reports, and our Earned Media page for articles, radio and TV appearances. 


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To contact the Media & Communications Team, please email Iman Shervington.