Since our inception, we have striven to incorporate media into all aspects of our work to communicate effectively in visual and written formats. We have found great success in using "edutainment" methods to engage youth and adults, particularly through film and local public access television, oftentimes partnering with them to create the media pieces. IWES’ Media and Communications team has been widely recognized for its work, winning several awards for various media projects. Awards and contests include: the Louisiana Office of Public Health, HIV/AIDS Program's HIV Out Loud Winner; Red Hot+ HIV/AIDS Video Contest Finalist; Youth, the Arts, HIV & AIDS Network (YAHAnet) Global Student Podcast Competition Winner; YAHAnet “Zeroing in on Gender Stereotypes” Webisode & Storyboard Competition Winner. Recently, IWES has also begun to create feature-length films, which have been shown at festivals both locally, nationally and internationally.

Please find the range of our media pieces below and contact Iman Shervington with any requests or inquiries.



If you have any inquires about Woke please contact Iman Shervington


If you have any inquires about Back Story please contact Iman Shervington